Achieve optimal health : what is the optimal health, how can we achieve it. What are the areas / domains we should work on in order to achieve our optimal conditions of health.  This was the talk on how to achieve optimal health by Dr. Michael Tan of Gaia Life International and Life Research Wellness at Singapore General Hospital on 11 Sept 2017

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talks on how to achieve optimal health

talks on how to achieve optimal health

How can we achieve optimal health?

To achieve the optimal health, there are six domains we should work on. They are:

  1. Wholesome Food : the food which your body appreciates, the food which help you stay healthy. Examples of wholesome food include organically grown fruits and vegetables.
  2. Physical Activity: Could be any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.
  3. Nutritional Supplements: like Umos silica supplements, vitamins A, B, vitamins C, vitamins D and E; minerals like silica, calcium and iron; herbs, garlic, fish oils etc
  4. Emotional Relationship: harmony relationships with loved ones, family members, friends , colleagues, and community , society
  5. Spirituality: having in depth beliefs, values and meanings of life.
  6. Physiology Energy: with energy to do the work or something or make a change.

To check if you have achieved the optimal health for your self, you may refer to the following checklist:

Are you FREE from the followings ?

1. Financial challenges
2. Relationship troubles
3. Karmic
4. Physical imbalances
5. Ache and pain
6. Poor sleep quality
7. Energy deficiency
8. Nutrition deficiency
9. Weight and muscle imbalance
10. Lifestyle deficiency

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