Achieve optimal health: how can we achieve optimal health?

Achieve optimal health : what is the optimal health, how can we achieve it. What are the areas / domains we should work on in order to achieve our optimal conditions of health.  This was the talk on how to achieve optimal health by Dr. Michael Tan of Gaia Life…

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Perfectly Healthy Person

A perfectly healthy person is a person free from Perfectly healthy person is free from: 1. Financial challenges 2. Relationship troubles 3. Karmic 4. Physical imbalances 5. Ache and pain 6. Poor sleep quality 7. Energy deficiency 8. Nutrition deficiency 9. Weight and muscle imbalance 10. Lifestyle deficiency What are body…

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Drink Umo Silica and use Umo Silica - the secret of beauty of Japanese super stars

Secret of Beauty:  Do you know why Japanese super stars are so beautiful? Because they know the secret of beauty - Umo Silica!Many of them  are often using and drinking Umo Silica. 日本名星经常饮用和使用硅素水(珪素)! Umo Silica is the result of extensive research and development by The Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon since…

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Taking Silica Supplement - My Results 7 months after taking Umo Silica Supplements

Taking Silica Supplement Taking Silica Supplement: One of our clients is a business owner who runs a small retail business in Singapore. Below are his pictures.   Left Picture: Before he taking umo silica supplement, he had high blood pressure, headache, fatigue, joint pain, and bad temper. | 左边的图:喝硅素水以前,他有高血压,头疼,疲劳,关节疼痛,容易发脾气。 Right picture:…

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Books About Silica (Silicon)
Silica Power 医師が臨床する珪素の力

Books about silica (silicon) Books about Silica or Silicon. There are many books about silica supplements. Below are some famous books about silica (silicon). Read these books to learn more about silica supplements and its benefits. Silica, the Amazing Gel: An Essential Mineral for Radiant Health, Recovery and Rejuvenation .…

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Comparison of Silica Supplements

Comparison of Silica Supplements Comparison of Silica Supplements : There are various silica supplements products in the market. When we compare their prices, we should also look at the ingredients such as the concentration of silica content. The following table lists the different Umo Silica supplements currently available in InPasar online store.…

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