Umo Silica effects on skin: This is right hand of an old lady who is at the age of 85 years old . The left picture is her right hand before use umo silica. The right picture is one week after drink and use of Umo Silica. Just one week , you can see the big differences between this two pictures. In addition to drink and add the umo silica into boiled drinking water. she always spray umo silica on her hand during spare time. How amazing is umo silica !

Examples of Umo Silica effects on skin


Examples of Umo Silica effects on skin

这是一位高龄85岁老人家的右手, 哈哈就用了一星期,除了多喝加了硅素的白开水,有空没空就是多喷喷喷啦-.

Umo Silica 硅素水能帮助人体排毒,去油脂, 降血糖,降血压。 硅素水能够避免血管阻塞疾病,防止老年痴呆病,帮助改善皮肤, 美白紧致肌肤,扫除体内过剩自由基。 硅素水具有抵抗活性氧的作用,能够有效提高机体抗氧化能力, 帮助恢复身体健康。

Silicon level

  • Silicon is one of the most important element among 60 kinds of essential nutrients necessary for body organs and visceral elements. Silicon level drops along with aging. It can not be synthesized by the body itself. And it is difficult to absorb from ordinary diet, resulting problems of lack of silica in human body.
  • Once the human body is in deficit of silicon, at first, bones will become crisp, and vascular lipid will be easy accumulated and in retention. There are a variety of symptoms of inadequate silicon, those can be easily observed daily includes: easy to break nails, easy to fall hair, easy to itchy skin and so on.

Silica link the collagen protein chain

  • Silica is known as the “Beauty Inorganic Salt”. It can make hair shine and beautiful, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth; make eyes bright, and also promote nail growth, and make nail strong.
  • Umo Silica effects on skin: Silicon is one of the essential elements of connective tissue of human skin, it can link the collagen protein chain, make the collagen chain more closely, it makes the skin compact and flexible, and it also stimulates cells to promote cell regeneration, makes skin texture more delicate, anti-acne and anti stain.
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