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FAQ question 1: How to get discount coupon?

Answer: There are two ways you can get Pasar Online discount coupons:

A. Like and share to get discount:

  • You can get 5% discount on the item you like by just follow the following steps:
  1. Like our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/InPasar/
  2. Share the product link  in your Facebook timeline or your pages or your groups
  3. Let us know by email or WhatsApp us when you have done 1) and 2), please include the shared links in your email, so that we can verify the shares.
  4. We will send you 5% discount coupon once we receive your notification email and verified the like and shares.

Buyer Protection, like share for discount, FAQ of Pasar, Online Shopping

B. Sign up newsletter:

  • Upon sign up our newsletter, you will be receiving the discount coupon  which can be used for purchasing of Umo silica and Laser watch products.

Pasar, Online Shopping, Sign up and we'll send you a $15 Pasar Online - In Pasar coupon

Question 2: What is the Singapore dollar exchange rate to USD ?

Answer: Exchange rate is always changing, you may refer to the exchange rate link  here for SGD to USD exchange rate today, this exchange rate is for your reference only.

Question 3: Do you accept foreign currency for the payment?

Answer: All prices of our products are in Singapore dollar. And we only accept Singapore dollar as the payment currency.

Question 4: What are the payment modes?

Answer: We accept payments by credit cards and PayPal  for all products and locations. And we also accept payment of cash upon delivery. Cash upon delivery payment mode is only for Singapore and for selected goods like Umo Silica, laser watch, personal pendant etc. You can find the remark of cash upon delivery and call in to order in the product page if applicable.

Question 5: I do not have PayPal account or do not use PayPal, how can I use credit card to make the payment ?

Answer: If you do not have PayPal account, or you do not want to pay by PayPal, you can make payments by credit cards.

At the check out page, Just click the button of “Proceed With PayPal” .

After you click the link of “Proceed With PayPal” , you will see the option of ” Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card” on the next page.  The next page looks like the picture below:

Pay with credit card or debit card

Question 6: How about the shipping and delivery?

Answer: FREE worldwide shipping for majority of the products. Please refer to our shipping and delivery page for more details.

Question 7: I have difficulty and am not able to log in to purchase the item I want, what can I do ?


1) First of all, you do not have to log in to purchase the item you want. You can simply browse the product you like and click add to cart button, then at the cart page do the check-out accordingly, for some items you can select pay by COD (cash upon delivery) if the delivery is for local Singapore address or pay by credit card through PayPal.

2) Alternatively for some items such as Umo silica, laser watch and ETL 09, we do accept order by SMS or call in (+65 90096519) and pay by cash upon delivery within 24 hours for Singapore local address.

Question 8: Can I drop by your store or office to pick up the product and pay you?

Answer: Previously, we have show room at Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore, however we have recently shifted our store online so that to help us cut down the costly rental and enable us reward our customers with discount. We are sorry that we do not accept self pick-up at our office.

Question 9: I could not find the products or brands I want, what can I do?

Answer: Two options, first, please do the product search at the shop page, or general search on the menu bar.

Meanwhile, please make use of the suggest a product page to suggest a product to us so that next time you may be able to find it in the Pasar Online Shopping | Wellness store.

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How to get In Pasar discount coupon?