Hair start to grow after applying Umo silica

Hair start to grow after applying umo silica. 這是衣曼的弟,將硅素➕在精油洗髮精洗頭,睡前再噴一些按摩,結果長頭髮了.

hair start to grow after applying umo silica Hair start to grow after applying umo silica - after applying umo silica continued 2

Silicon level and hair loss:

  • Silicon level drops along with aging. It can not be synthesized by the body itself, and it is difficult to absorb from ordinary diet,  resulting problems of lack of silica in human body.
  • Symptoms of inadequate silicon includes crisp bones, vascular lipid  easily being accumulated and in retention, easy to break nails, easy to fall hair, easy to itchy skin and so on.

About Umo Silica:

  • Umo Silica is the result of extensive research and development by The Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon since year 2000, and has been sold in Japan since 2007.
  • There are Great Health Benefits of Umo silica for those who encounter serious illness such as acidity in blood, High Blood pressure, diabetes and even essential for daily usage to detoxify herbicide, enhance the healthy growth of hairs, reduce wrinkles, better cosmetic effects, allergy, pain relief & etc.
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