inpasar rewards

InPasar Rewards is an easy and rewarding way to share your favorite inpasar products, categories, shopping cart containing multiple products, or previous orders with others via email, blogs, or social media. By doing so, you will receive a 5% Rewards credit from any order placed through your custom Rewards link, from both new or current InPasar customers.

You can use this Rewards credits to shop at InPasar, or cash out once you have accumulated $100 or more.

Please note that in order to participate in InPasar Rewards, you must be an InPasar registered customer.

Easy to start

Simply register and login to, you will be able to see your account, then go to dashboard , you will be able to find your referral link, copy that link and share your custom rewards links with your friends and others by social media or emails etc. These links contain your unique rewards code.

The Potential of InPasar Rewards

Each month many InPasar customers receive partial or full credit on their Pasar Online orders, and some of them cash out their Rewards credits.

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