Kidney diseases : Today is world kidney day , and 8 March is also Women’s Day! Happy Women’s Day to all ladies !

world kidney day, How to strengthen kidneys and reduce risk of kidney diseases?

Do you aware of that female are more prone to kidney maladies than male?  Chronic kidney disease is more common in female than in male, according to a survey conducted by SRL Diagnostics  in India. The survey findings showed that abnormalities in kidney function was an average of 11.36 % higher in female than in male (9.48%).  In many nationals, chronic kidney disease is now among the top five causes of death.

Why female are more prone to kidney maladies than male?

There are many possible reasons for the high chances of getting  kidney maladies by female than male, such as :

  • Due to multiple social economic challenges which the family are facing,  women usually put the concerns of their health secondary to the family or men, especially for traditional women who care more about the family members than themselves.
  • In most countries, women fall behind men in terms of education, exercise, sports activities, awareness about health and disease, timely diagnosis, accesses to good healthcare and receiving treatment.
  • There are unique biologic conditions purely for women such as menstrual cycles and pregnancy, these unique conditions could make women more vulnerable to such kidney maladies – chronic kidney disease. Pregnancy-related complications could increase the risk of kidney diseases, or risk of excretory organ or urinary organ related illness.

What are the symptoms of kidney diseases?

Some of the symptoms of kidney diseases include:symptoms of kidney diseases: How to strengthen kidneys and reduce risk of kidney diseases?

  • Reduced urine output
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Swelling in the feet
  • Tiredless
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor appetite
  • Unexplained itchiness
  • Puffiness of face and eyes
  • Shortness of breath

Can we strengthen our Kidneys ? How to strengthen kidneys and reduce risk of kidney diseases?

Yes, we can strengthen our kidneys and reduce the risk of getting kidney diseases. How to strengthen kidneys? We can achieve it through good lifestyle and diet habits. The followings can be taken as a reference to help strengthen kidneys and reduce the risk of kidney diseases.

  1. Try to maintain blood pressure at at a sound level (around 130/80), as high blood pressure has bad effects on kidney capacity. Keeping the blood pressure at good range will help reduce the risk of kidney diseases. Having an automatic arm blood pressure monitor at home, and wearing innovative cold laser therapy watch can help you monitor and reduce blood pressure.
  2. Stop smoking and drinking as these two things are harmful to our kidneys.
  3. Be more dynamic with fitness, sports and outdoor activities. Exercise can help us maintain proper body weight and decrease the danger of getting obesity, diabetes and hypertension.  Obesity, diabetes and hypertension have negative impacts to the health of kidneys.
  4. To reduce the risk of diabetes, good to have a home use blood glucose meter for you to regularly monitor you blood glucose level, and to wear a cold laser therapy watch to help you reduce your blood glucose level. This is an innovative way of fighting diabetes besides common medications.
  5. Consider taking in some health supplements, choose the health supplements in the form of liquid or water soluble form, which can be easily absorbed by human body, such as Umo Silica, Japanese golden silica, and counsel with your specialist for other supplements like calcium and vitamin D etc.
  6. Reduce or restrict use of painkillers and steroids, as using too much of them could harm kidney.
  7. Be conscious about taking sodium (salt), reduce the amount of salt and potassium taking at a moderate level.
  8. Eat food with less cholesterol, less calories and less fat.
  9. Take enough fruits daily, such as watermelons, apples and berries.
  10. Drink enough water everyday, for example, experts said one should drink around 8 glasses of liquid or water each day.

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