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Umo Silica, silica, 500ml, 8,730ppm, Umo Rich, silica Japan, 日本浓缩水溶性硅素

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  • Umo Silica, Silica, Silica Supplement, 500ml Umo Silica | 日本硅素水, 水溶性硅素
  • Silica supplement, Umo, water soluble silicon, liquid silica health Supplements has amazing health benefits, such as: beautiful hair, firm skin, strong nails, connective tissues and more other benefits. Silica supplement, silica promotes healthy bone, connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. 
  • 硅素水能促进骨骼和结缔组织的健康,有助于防止过早老化,防止心血管病, 以及防止阿尔茨海默病症 (防止老人失智症, 或防止老人痴呆症)。

Ingredients (Product Code: Umo-Silica-S-500)

  • Double Umo Rich silica, Water soluble silica, Liquid Silica, Silica Supplement, Per 100 ml, Silica content: 8,730 ppm


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Umo Silica, umo rich, silica supplement, water soluble silicon,  500ml, silica Japan | 日本浓缩水溶性硅素, 水溶性硅素, 硅素水, 日本硅素水, Product Code: Umo-Silica-S-500

  • The product is 99% active silicon enriched water soluble nutritional ionized liquid. it contains crystal active silicon  and other minerals. Umo Silica is the result of extensive research and development by The Japan Medical Science Institute of Silicon since year 2000 & has been sold in Japan since 2007,over one billion bottles were sold in Japan monthly.

How to use the Umo Silica?

  • Umo Silica liquid can be added into drinking water, drinks, wine, beer, soup or food, (a few drops a time), and can be applied externally to reduce wrinkle and achieve best cosmetic effects for skin, hair and nail, scar, etc.

Health Benefits of Umo Silica:

  • There are Great Health Benefits of Umo silica for those who encounter serious illness such as acidity in blood, High Blood pressure, diabetes and even essential for daily usage to detoxify herbicide, enhance the healthy growth of hairs, reduce wrinkles, better cosmetic effects, allergy, pain relief & etc
  • Silica supplement, silica promotes healthy bone, connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • Silica has amazing health benefits, such as beautiful hair, firm skin, strong nails, connective tissues, and more other benefits.
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 Ingredients (Product Code: Umo-Silica-S-500)

  • Umo silica, Water soluble silicon, liquid silicon, silica supplement,  per 100 ml, Silica content: 8,730 ppm
  • Note: The silica concentration of this product is at 8,730 ppm, it is not the “Double ” Umo Rich silica. Double Umo Rich silica has silica concentration of 17,000ppm-19,000ppm.  If you look for Double UMO Rich silica , check out here


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“Silica – The mineral building block that promotes healthy bone and connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging and cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases” – Edward A. Lemmo, Ph.D.

  • All silica supplement, water-soluble silicon in our online shore are 100% made in Japan. | 观看有关硅素水养生讲座的视频,了解更多硅素水的神奇功效。正宗日本原装硅素水,是健康与幸福生活的首选。


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    This package is much cheaper than the double umo rich one and with less concentration of silica, but I like it, bought 3 bottle for CNY gift. Good!

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