A perfectly healthy person is a person free from

Perfectly healthy person is free from:

1. Financial challenges
2. Relationship troubles
3. Karmic
4. Physical imbalances
5. Ache and pain
6. Poor sleep quality
7. Energy deficiency
8. Nutrition deficiency
9. Weight and muscle imbalance
10. Lifestyle deficiency

What are body need fundamentally are:

1. Optimum energy
2. Balance energy distribution across 5 elements
3. Quality sleep
4. Quality nutrition
5. Quality environment
6. Quality relationship
7. Quality purpose in life journey

Levels of wellness and health optimization

There are 3 levels of wellness and health optimization programmes:

  • Basic level1

Knowledge and Environmental care (Geopathic stress);
Healing mother earth and the environment;
Healing our house and office;
Healing our body.

perfectly healthy person

  • Level 2 . Rejuvenation

Balance diet and nutrition PH balance;
Quality sleep;
Restoring qi (气) and functional efficiency and balance;
Ensuring smooth flow of qi ( enhanced cardio metabolic  Efficiency), etc.

  • Level 3: Medical regeneration

Heavy metal removal;
Hormonal balance and optimization;
Regenerative stem cell therapy

Are you a perfectly healthy person? What level of health and wellness optimization are you at currently?



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