What might cause the neck and shoulder pains?

Neck pain and shoulder pain

Before we can do something to relieve the pain, we should know what might cause the neck pain and shoulder pain.  Neck pain and shoulder pain or stiffness usually result from staying in the same position too long, such as:

  • Sat in front of computer for too long
  • Slept in a funny position
  • Been too busy knitting or woodworking
  • Chatted for ages on the phone with handset cradled between ear and shoulder

Shoulder pain is often “referred pain”, which originated from elsewhere in the body. Referred pain in shoulder could come from abdominal organs such as stomach or gall bladder or from the lung. Injury, arthritis and Lyme disease are other causes of neck pain and shoulder pain.

Prevent neck pain shoulder pain and home remedies

What are the home remedies?

  • Heat helps to relieve pain , relaxes the muscles, reduces joint stiffness and speeds up healing.
  • Measures to be consider are  a heating pad, hot water bottle, an infra-red lamp , a heat pack or a hot both or hot water shower.
  • Use hair dryer on warm, and blow hot air onto your neck or shoulder, this is the easy and fast way to relieve pains.
  • Moist heat eases a stiff, sore neck caused by muscular tension.
  • Soaking a towel in hot water (temperature around 70 degree Celsius, not too hot) , fold the towel and wring it out well. Unfold and place it over the pain area of your neck and shoulder.
  • Use your thumb or fingertips to apply some pressure on painful spot on your neck or shoulder for three minutes, so that to relieve your pain.
  • Use a message oil or lotion on your thumb or fingertips to press your pain points.
  • Apply a counter-irritant cream, such as Tiger Balm or Deep Heat etc.. These products irritate nerve endings, diverting the brain’s attention from the pain.
  • Massage some amount of arnica ointment into the pain areas several times a day until the pain has gone.

What are the prevention measures

  • Use a neck supporting pillow, sleep on your back, change your mattress to a new one if the existing old is old and sagging.
  • Use a good back and head supporting chair, or buy a lumbar support roll, or use a rolled up towel or small pillow behind your lower back, to make sure you not to hunch forward.
  • No matter sitting or standing, make sure your ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line.
  • Use headset or speaker phone instead of wedging the phone in the crook of your neck.
  • If you are woman with large breasts, wearing a sports bra can help to relieve neck and shoulder pain.
  • Don’t overload your shoulder bag, and try to use a backpack with both shoulder straps.
  • Make sure your computer screen is angled and raised so that you do not have to bend your neck or tilt your head to see it.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes, which tilt your spine out of alignment, and make your neck jut forward.
  • Wear a scarf if the weather is cold and damp, winter conditions can aggravate neck stiffness and pain.

Anyone who is sick of nagging shoulder and neck pain, shoulders that feel old and rusty and muscles that feel like they’ve been tied in knots for YEARS…can consider use laser watch pain relief and drink umo silica supplements.

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