Taking Silica Supplement

Taking Silica Supplement: One of our clients is a business owner who runs a small retail business in Singapore. Below are his pictures.

Taking silica supplement, 7 months after taking umo silica supplement


  1. Left Picture: Before he taking umo silica supplement, he had high blood pressure, headache, fatigue, joint pain, and bad temper. | 左边的图:喝硅素水以前,他有高血压,头疼,疲劳,关节疼痛,容易发脾气。
  2. Right picture: After taking umo silica supplement- drinking Umo Silica supplement for seven months, now he is happy every day, his body gets relaxed, his blood pressure is back to normal,  and no longer headache. | 右边:喝了硅素水七个月,现在天天开心,身体轻松,开心血压正常,头不再疼痛。
  • Umo Silica, silicon, water soluble silicon have amazing health benefits. Silica promotes healthy bone & connective tissue, and UMO silica helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • 硅素水能帮助人体排毒,去油脂, 降血糖,降血压。 硅素水能够避免血管阻塞疾病,防止老年痴呆病,帮助改善皮肤, 美白紧致肌肤,扫除体内过剩自由基。 硅素水具有抵抗活性氧的作用,能够有效提高机体抗氧化能力, 帮助恢复身体健康。
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