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Mr. TanMr. TanPunggol, Singapore

My experience with blue light blocking glasses:

I have used different kinds of blue light filter glasses for almost two years now, but I remember the day I got my first ones. I had hard time falling asleep. I had some minor bad habits like drinking a little too much coffee and staying on the computer for too far in the evening. But these habits were pretty hard to change. I needed to do work stuff on the computer and I didn’t know how to survive without the coffee.

Every night I went to bed at around 11 pm, lied there awake for one hour, got really bored and took out my phone or ipad (even tho I knew I wasn’t supposed to!). Then stared at the screen for too long and fell asleep at 1:30-3:00 am depending on the day. And you can guess that getting out of bed at 7 am was really displeasant.

I bought the anti blue light glasses first as computer glasses but started wearing them all day when I was at home. They didn’t help straight away but over the first week I noticed that I really wanted to go to bed because I was tired. Before I always got more active during the evening and going to bed just seemed stupid but I knew I needed to get the sleep. Fast forward a few weeks, I always got to bed the same time, fell asleep pretty much instantly, woke up at the same time without an alarm clock. It felt like my body was in sync. (and btw as a side note, my first blue blocking glasses were not so good and let some of the blue light in, but still worked)

Ms KooMs KooYio Chu Kang, Singapore


After drank Umo Silica for a year, now my son has got handsome black hair, and grown taller.


"My Son is 14 years old, one year ago, I gave him to drink Umo Silica, previously he was thin and short, after a year of drinking Umo Silica, now he has got handsome black hair, and grown taller."

Mr. TanMr. Tan38 years old, Singapore

Umo Silica helped me remove the body odor: 

I am Tan, 38 years old, I work in the night shift and work long hours. In the past, I often felt tired, listless, often sick, had body odor..., as such I was very embarrassed, the customer usually kept a distance from me. After drinking the umo silica, my spirit is getting better day by day, my  body is very relaxed now, and my customer said that my face was looking better than before.

Umo silica not only helped me recover my health, but also helped me increase my business. I drank half a bottle of umo silica (500ml) already. And I have been looking for ways to get rid off my body odor, but do not like to go for the surgery...

Umo silica staff was very kind and helpful, often greeted me, after I told her that I most want to remove my body odor, she suggested me every day directly apply the Umo silica solution onto the armpit. It only took me 3 days, my body odor was improved. After a week of applying the Umo silica, the smell completely disappeared.

The Umo Silica is amazing, it changed my body inside and outside. Thank you very much for introducing the Umo silica to me.

Teck MingTeck MingSingapore

"Brother, I am Teck Ming, I must say thank you to you! That Laser watch is very important... I went to medical checkup...Now I do not have to take in medicines for diabetes, for high blood pressure and for high cholesterol. I have no more such problems, today all these three illnesses are gone. This is why I suddenly send you a message. This is a big thank you to you, thanks for introducing Silica and Laser watch to me, after drinking the Umo silica and wearing the Laser watch, I finally recovered..., Many Thanks to you, Brother!..."

J. SYKJ. SYKSenior Investment Manager, Tampines, Singapore

Umo Silica helps improve my bowel movement and reduce knee pain

When I was first recommended the water-soluble silica, I had initial doubts and was hesitating having it. After much persuasion from my loved ones, I decided to read more about this product and silica mineral supplement. From the reading, I discovered that silica supplement has many health benefits and especially so for water soluble silica which is easily absorbable by our body. I also spoke to some consumers who have taken the water soluble silica for months/years, and all of them feedback with thumb up on this product and shared their experience of good benefits obtained from this product. I realized that my initial doubt on this product was wrong and now I accept the Umo silica wholeheartedly.

I started taking water soluble silica in June 2016. In the first few weeks, I had irregular bowel movement but, subsequently, it became normal and now I regularly have two or three times of bowel movement every day. The bowel movement is very smooth and I have no constipation since then. Surprisingly, the faeces do not contain bad smell as in the past. From this, I believe that water soluble silica has detoxification effects in our body.

In addition, the water soluble silica helps to reduce my knee pain. In the past, I used to have knee pain occasionally despite taking glucosamine for years. Since the day I begun taking water soluble silica, I no longer have knee pain and am able to walk and squat normally. I have strong feeling that the water soluble silica has complimentary beneficial effects with the glucosamine in my knee joints.

I believe fully in this product now not only due to my own experience but also from my observation of the benefit changes on other consumers who have been taking the same product. For silica supplement, I strongly recommend water soluble form as it is easily absorbed by our body. I would avoid silica supplement in powder, capsule or other forms as I doubt their effectiveness. For those who have doubts, I suggest you to read more about silica mineral and try to obtain feedbacks from other consumers. You may realize that it is worth a try on this umo silica health supplements product and enjoy the benefits it brings to your body.

StephanieStephanie38 years old, Toa Payoh, Singapore

I feel great improvement in my joint pain after taking Umo silica

This is a great product I would certainly recommend .

I had rheumatoid arthritis with anti CCP above 250. Within 3 months of diagnosis, I suffered joint pain on both my feet, ankle, my elbow, my wrist, fingers and my knees. I was barely able to walk. Simple day to day task like brushing teeth, tying my hair and cooking became impossible.

As a mother of 3 young kids, I need to get back my independence . I was on sulpursalazine, prednisolone, biologics injection and methetrexe with little progress. I was desperate to get well but none of the conventional medicines helps to reduce my ESR to normal.

One month after taking this Umo silica supplement, I can feel great improvement in my joint pain. It also helps to relief my dry eyes previously caused by the conventional medicines. I am truly grateful to have my life back again. With the silica supplement, I believe a healthy diet avoiding sensitive food, processed food works hand in hand.

AlanAlan25 years old, Bishan, Singapore

After drank silica, my body sour smell disappeared and my sensitive nose back to normal

I am 25 years old, I love to eat meat, do not like sports, and am slightly fat, with acidic body, and very heavy sour smell. I always felt inferiority, it affected my ability of communication, friends were away from me…

More than six months ago, my mother gave me umo silica solution. After I drank umo silica for a month, the sour smell of my body completely disappeared, and my sensitive nose was also back to normal. I am now very confident, am getting more and more friends, I feel much better now. Thanks to my mother for the   love of silica solution!

Ms ChenMs Chen80 years old, Penang, Malaysia

I reduced the dosage of insulin injection after taking water-soluble silica

I am 80 years old this year, I got cirrhosis of the liver, so my nails was gray, very thick, and empty inside. Feet often got edema, I had rheumatism, diabetes, have to do insulin injections…

After drinking water-soluble silica solution, I reduced the dosage of insulin injection, and reduced the frequency of injections. My daughter suggested me not to inject drugs. My nail is now healthy, and feet also got rid of swollen, I felt easy to move. Thanks for the Umo silica water-soluble silica solution.”

QiuQiu83 years old, Penang, Malaysia

Drank the umo silica solution, I felt much better, eliminated the edema

I am 83 years old this year, I had kidney failure, poor spirit every day, very tired, feet and face always got edema, difficult to move around, have prostate issue, often had to go to the toilet, dare not to go out. My doctor said that my day is running out… ”

But since one year ago my daughter bought me the water soluble silica, I drank the water-soluble silica solution, I felt much better, eliminated the edema, the body get relaxed, less frequency of urine in the night, slept heavier. Because the water soluble silica strengthened my kidneys, I do not have to go for dialysis now. I am very grateful to my dear daughter for giving me the umo silica solution to help extend my life and stay together with my family.

J.K.J.K.44 years old, Bukit Timah, Singapore

After drank umo silica solution, my scar repaired very quickly

I am 44 years old, two years ago, unfortunately, I had a car accident. My forehead was sewing more than 20 needles, I was very worried about disfigurement, my body was also sprained.”  One of my visiting friends introduced me to drink silica solution, she said silica could help repair the wound.

After drinking umo silica, I did not rely on drugs, I used natural therapy, the rehabilitation process was very fast, my scar repaired very quickly, I had also recovered from the car accident sprain. My often shoulder tight and back pain were also fully disappeared, my body felt relaxed! I am grateful of my friend introducing me the bottle of “magic water!” – umo silica solution。

Selina NgSelina NgSingapore

Amazing Laser Watch and Laser technology. I bought this Laser Watch a few days again as per my friend’s recommendation, I have slightly diabetes, I need to control sugar level in my blood, and the kinds of food I take in, I am an office clerk, I do not have enough time for exercise and I hate to take medicines. This Laser watch seems a great tools for me to help me enhance my blood circulation, lower down my blood sugar level and help me purify my blood. Thanks for my friend’s recommendation

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Testimonials: Before & after customers used Umo Silica, water soluble silicon

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 Grab Umo Silica 日本硅素水 Now

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Testimonials of Geopathic stress harmoniser


I notice that my emotions are more stable and I don’t get affected easily. Apart from that, I sleep better and wake up with ease and alert.

Joevy TanJoevy Tan

I am more focus after wearing the pendant, and I sleep better too!

Ms LeeMs LeeSingapore

I do sleep better now, and even my neighbor comment that my face looks clearer and brighter now.

Miss LiMiss LiChina

“I wouldn’t have believed the difference a small rod could make to my life and that of my family. I wish you every success in bringing the benefits of your products to a wider audience.”


“We would like to give some feedback as to how much success we have found with your products over the last 2 years. The findings are astounding and have a major contribution to make to the well-being and business improvement.”

Dr. LiuDr. LiuSPA Consultant

“I would have no difficulty in recommending your systems to anybody and would in fact strongly advise them to purchase one for their health’s sake.”

Miss D PingMiss D PingSingapore

“I am so grateful to you. If it was not for your research on my house, my circumstances and you recommending a Harmoniser unit, I believe that it would have eventually cost me my life.”

Mr NgMr NgSingapore

“At the time we didn’t believe you but we gave you the benefit of the doubt and bought a harmoniser pendant unit. Now, 12 months later, we are very glad we did! My wife’s heart weakness is gone, my son’s study has improved and my prostate issue is totally under control.”

Dr. Salim IsmailDr. Salim Ismail(MD)

“During a snorkelling trip, I fell into a piece of coral about 1 cm thick and 1 inch deep. It went straight into my palm and sitting inside, leaving a hole about a finger size on my palm! In the middle of South China Sea with no medical facilities; it was dangerous if it got infected, I would lose my hand! I put on essential oil and tapped my Harmoniser Pandant onto the cut. To my surprise, my hand was almost completely healed within 2 days. After a week, it was healed completely.”

Dr C.WDr C.WSingapore

“Since using this device my therapeutic success rate has increased considerably and I would recommend them to patients and therapists alike.”

Fanny ShengFanny ShengInsurance consultant | China

“I am getting better and better recently. My mother and I used to argue over some differences. After I have attended the course and invested in the Harmonizer, I never have any argument with my mom again. Our relationship is getting better and better, it has been so long time for me to have an intimate relationship with my mother again. I am so happy and thank you so much!”

Kim TangKim Tang

My finger was accidentally crushed by my car door and it was so painful that my tears keep dropping. I placed my harmoniser pendant on the injured area immediately. To my amaze, the injured area healed completely after 1 hour!

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Size Chart

once you know your body measurements,consult the Size Chart on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase.

Shoe Size EU/Chinese Size Heel to Toe(cm)
4 34 22
4.5 35 22.5
5.5 36 23
6.5 37 23.5
7 38 24
8 39 24.5
8.5 40 25
9.5 41 25.5
10 42 26
10.5 43 26.5

Sizing Chart

once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase.

Shoe Size Heel to Toe(cm) Chinese Size
4 20.5 33
4.5 20.9 34
5 21.4 35
6 21.8 36
6.5 22.3 37
7.5 22.8 38
8.5 23.3 39
9 23.8 40
9.5 24.2 41
10 24.8 42
10.5 25.2 43
18 17.5 28
18.5 18.1 29
19 18.8 30
19.5 19.2 31
20 20.1 32

*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.

Size chart

once you know your body measurements, consult the Size Chart on the product pages for actual item measurements to determine which size you should purchase.

USA European Great Britain Heel to Toe(cm)
6 38 5 24
6.5 39 5.5 24.5
7.5 40 6.5 25
8 41 7 25.5
9 42 8 26
9.5 43 8.5 26.5
10.5 44 9.5 27
11.5 45 10.5 27.5
12 46 11.5 28

*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.


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