Three Months after Using silica, he got more hair

This is another case, his name is Mr. Tanaka , three months after using silica, he got more hair on his head.

He had used the following 3 methods:

  1. Drink Umo silica
  2. Spray Umo Silica on hair
  3. Add Umo Silica in the shampoo

It only took 3 months for the above treatment, he got more hair now. Please see picture below.


three months after using silica: he regain more hair 3 months after using silica

Silicon is one of the most important element among 60 kinds of essential nutrients necessary for human beings.

What If our bodies in in deficit of silicon?

Silicon level drops along with aging. It can not be synthesized by the body itself, and it is difficult to absorb from ordinary diet, resulting problems of lack of silica in human body.

If human body is in deficit of silicon, then these will happen:

  • Bones will become crisp, and
  • Vascular lipid will be easy accumulated and in retention.
  • There are a variety of symptoms of inadequate silicon,  such as easy to break nails, easy to fall hair, easy to itchy skin and so on.

Taking Umo Silica can help improve your health, many people are taking Umo silica , especially in Japan.

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